Valzar is an action platformer with roguelike elements.

A randomized world of humanlike enemies, grumpy gods, magic fruit, and mistakes.

Intelligent, Diverse, and Randomized Enemies

Enemies vary in intelligence and combat ability. Rivals move like a player and know all player spells.

Randomized Maps

Adventure across an uncharted map to discover the land's hidden areas. Choose your own path as you explore.

Randomized Spells, Equipment, and Curses

With risk comes reward. Items have active effects, passive effects, static enchantments, and randomized enchantments.

Grumpy Gods

Worship gods that may not have your best interest in mind—but with favor comes power.

Unidentified Magic Consumables

Wonder what this watermelon does? Try swallowing it—or maybe pour a potion on it to test its effects.

Discoverable Systems

Figure out things by doing them. Recover the pieces of this broken amulet, and with it, its secrets.

Difficult and Replayable

Your actions matter. Every run is a new adventure with secrets to unlock.

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