A randomized world of humanlike enemies, grumpy gods, magic fruit, and mistakes. Valzar is an action platformer with roguelike elements.


  • Encounter enemies that vary in intelligence and combat ability. Rivals move like a player and know all player spells.
  • Explore randomized maps to find treasure, friends, rivals, gods, and bosses.
  • Loot randomized spells, equipment, and curses. Items have active effects, passive effects, static enchantments, and randomized enchantments.
  • Worship gods that may not have your best interest in mind—but with favor comes power.
  • Identify and consume magic fruit and potions to augment your status and remove curses.
  • Learn by doing. Discover the world's systems for advancement and safe travel.
  • Difficult and replayable. Your actions matter. Every run is a new adventure with secrets to unlock.


Mike Craft

United States




Valzar - Release Trailer (Youtube)


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Download as a .zip (414KB)

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